Final stage manufacturer of fuel delivery trucks

Work with a Final Stage Manufacturer of Fuel Delivery Trucks in Connecticut

Are you looking for a new manufacturer for your fuel delivery trucks? Learn about our services by calling 203-238-6768.

Our team at Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair handles your business’s needs in Meriden, CT. You can work with us as a final stage manufacturer of fuel delivery trucks in Connecticut. We construct many types of trucks designed to handle fuel delivery throughout the area.

Types of Fuel Delivered Throughout Connecticut

Our manufacturing team understands the unique needs of companies that handle fuel delivery in Northeast. We use our understanding of different fuel types to construct trucks that fulfill all your requirements.

You can reach out to us if you offer delivery services for:

  • Biofuel
  • Diesel fuel
  • Home heating oil
  • Aviation fuel
  • Marine fuel
  • Bunker fuel
  • Residual fuel
  • Gasoline or kerosene

Our high-quality fuel delivery trucks allow you to provide your clients with the oil they want.

Work with a Team of Specialists in Connecticut

We’ve worked hard to build a team of skilled experts to handle custom welding and fabrication. Our manufacturing team includes crews trained to handle:

  • TIG welding
  • Stick welding
  • MIG welding
  • Bending

Our team members are “R” stamp certified, and they stay up-to-date on their training. We focus on learning new techniques to provide you with the expert assistance you want when manufacturing fuel delivery trucks.

We Inspect Our Work on Fuel Delivery Tanks

We respect the importance of your work as an oil company. We understand that you have a lot to consider while operating your company, including fluctuating heating oil prices. That’s why our team guarantees our work with tank inspections for:

  • Vacuum tanks
  • Propane tanks
  • Petroleum tanks

We carefully go over every part of our work and handle a DOT cargo tank inspection for you. The examination includes EPA Method 27 to help you feel more comfortable with the results of the fuel delivery tank manufacturing process.

We handle standard manufacturing and customer projects designed to meet your specific needs. Our team also takes care of the design and installation of vacuum equipment.

Contact Us for Help with Fuel Delivery Truck Repairs

You can reach out to us for help manufacturing your fuel delivery fleet in Connecticut. We also handle repairs for your fuel delivery trucks, whether or not you turned to us during manufacturing.

Our team has the equipment and training to repair diesel engines. We also take care of:

  • Replacing or repairing truck frames
  • Rebuilding truck transmissions
  • Handling clutch and air conditioning repairs
  • Repairing hydraulic and air brakes

We perform several diagnostics if your fuel trucks experience a break-down. For example, we can assess the starting and charging systems. We also check wheel alignment and handle front-end repairs for your vehicles.

We focus on total truck alignment and have the capability to custom make the parts that your truck needs to get back on the road. We also have a significant inventory of parts from various trucking companies.

Contact Us if You Need Emergency Repairs

Do you need emergency service for your fuel delivery service? We offer you emergency roadside assistance to quickly get your truck back in working order. However, we understand that you can’t always come to us in an emergency.

Getting your truck back into working order allows you to continue delivering to your customers. We also take repairs seriously if your truck currently contains fuel, which may be flammable or even explosive.

Speak to Use About the Manufacturer of Fuel Delivery Trucks

Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair acts as a final stage manufacturer of fuel delivery trucks in Connecticut. You can easily reach out to us to discuss your truck manufacturing needs. Just contact us at 203-238-6768 to learn more.

We put our commercial clients first and always strive for perfection during manufacturing.


We Handle Custom Fabrication for Fuel Delivery

As a final stage manufacturer of fuel delivery trucks in Northeast , our team uses cutting-edge equipment to handle custom truck fabrication. Our team has over 125 years of combined experience handling fabrication and welding services.

We handle end-stage manufacturing for your trucks and have the confidence to work with a wide range of materials, including:

  • Alloy steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless and carbon steel

We also have the equipment to handle different metal thicknesses and work with everything from basic sheet metal to far thicker plates. Our team discusses the goals of your trucking fleet before we begin the final stage of manufacturing work.