Fuel oil meter testing and repair

Work with Us for Fuel Oil Meter Testing and Repair in Connecticut

Ensure your fuel oil meter stays in good condition – contact us at 203-238-6768 for a repair appointment. 

Our team at Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair handles fuel oil meter testing and repair in Connecticut. We provide our services to commercial trucking fleets and companies in the area. Allow us to help you keep your fuel oil meters working correctly. 

Test Your Oil and Refined Fuel Meters

Many companies use fuel flow meters to check the flow of their oil or refined fuel. It’s essential to ensure these fuels flow at a steady and reliable rate. Our team handles testing services for flow meters.

Our team uses test fluids designed to mimic the characteristics of diesel instead of just using water. Water can cause damage to delicate parts inside fuel meters, which companies often make with aluminum. 

Crews test flow meters at multiple points and repeat each test no less than two times. Performing numerous tests helps provide accurate test results about the fuel meter’s reliability. 

If we notice any issues with the fuel meter, we’ll provide you with that information. You may decide to have a faulty meter repaired and calibrated. After the calibration, we can perform meter testing once more to ensure the repairs are effective. 

Select the Right Calibration Tools for Oil Meter Testing

The right tools matter when it comes to fuel oil meter testing and repair in Connecticut. Our team uses flow meters that work well for:

  • Refined fuel meters
  • Oil meters
  • LPG meters
  • Petroleum meters 

The testing process focuses on accurate calibration and traceability. We work to give our clients accurate reports so that they understand the actual state of their oil meters. You may contact us for help with:

  • Turbine flowmeters
  • Coriolis Mass flowmeters 
  • Positive displacement (PD) flowmeters 

We also test flowmeters of different sizes. We handle everything from a 20mm flowmeter to a meter that gets up to 100mm. You can contact us for systems with flow rates from 20lts/min – 1,3000lts/min. 

You can set up an appointment when you call us at 203-238-6768