Septic truck repair and service

The Best Septic Truck Repair and Service in Northeast

Transporting septic materials is a high-demand job that requires well-maintained equipment. When trucks and their septic tanks break down, health and safety issues can prevent you from performing your duties.

While opting for a quick fix and attempting to repair any lingering issues yourself can be tempting, problems with septic tanks and trucks are often complex and nearly impossible to manage correctly on your own. So, if your septic truck isn’t working as it should, the best option is to have the issues inspected and repaired by a professional.

Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair is the best business in Northeast, for any septic truck repair and service in Northeast. Our local, employee-owned repair and fabrication company can get you back to work transporting septic materials as safely as ever.

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What Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair Can Do For You

We know that you want your septic truck drivers to be safe and comfortable when they hit the road for work. However, septic trucks and trailers are massive equipment tasked with transporting potentially harmful materials and can be hazardous with even the slightest imperfection in need of repair.

Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair offers various truck and septic inspection services, including engine diagnostics, starting and changing diagnostics, diesel emission testing, and even more. Get to work with complete confidence in your equipment.

Peace of mind is just one of the many perks our trained technicians and fabricators can bring. Central CT Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair can diagnose, fix, and replace several essential truck and tank elements, including:

  • Diesel Engines
  • Truck Suspensions
  • Hydraulic and Air Brakes
  • Drive Axles
  • Pump Chambers
  • Transmissions