Vacuum pump repair and build

Building and Repairing Vacuum Pumps in Northeast

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Types of Vacuum Pumps

Different forms of vacuum pumps have advantages and limitations. Certified technicians at the Central Connecticut Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair workshop understand how each of them operates, know how to source replacement materials, and how to fabricate and install new pumps. Consider the following common pump types.


Claw vacuum pumps contain claw-shaped rotors that provide the force that moves pressurized fluid. They provide a good seal and an even flow rate that makes them a good choice for industrial applications.

Liquid Ring

Liquid ring vacuum pumps contain a device called an impeller that rotates to move liquid the way an airplane propeller moves air. The movement of the liquid generates the vacuum.


Like liquid ring pumps, Rotary vacuum pumps use a rotating component to generate a vacuum. Rotary vacuum pumps are less durable than other vacuum pumps, so they operate at lower speeds and create a vacuum in the air rather than liquid media.


Screw vacuum pumps use rotating screws to push liquid, generating a vacuum. They are particularly effective at moving viscous fluids such as oil.

If you are unsure what type of pump you need, the technicians at Central Connecticut Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair can inspect your pumping system. Our experts can identify the system design that you currently have. If your system needs a rebuild or complete replacement, we will discuss replacement parts and the design specification of your replacement monitor.

Repair Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps contain delicate parts, such as vanes and rotors, that gradually wear out. Abrasive and corrosive materials, such as grit, shavings, or debris from other parts of the pumping system can exacerbate this damage. You can extend the life of your vacuum pumps by servicing the vacuum pump system to clear out impurities and protect components from damage.

If a vacuum pump fails but is salvageable, the team at Central Connecticut Tank Fabrication and Truck Repair will work to save the pump and refurbish it. When we repair damaged pumps, spare parts from our 3,000 square-foot parts department give us a range of options when repairing or replacing your pump

Installation of Vacuum Pumps

If you prefer to replace a damaged pump rather than have us repair it, we will gladly replace the pump with a new or refurbished vacuum pump. All our refurbished pumps undergo stringent testing and inspection before we sell them. If you prefer to buy a new pump, we can offer you a good price on a pump from a reputable manufacturer that we have a longstanding relationship with.

We can also assist you with a custom build on a vacuum pump or pump system.

Building Vacuum Pumps

If you have a fuel truck or other pressurized container truck with an unusual design, we can create a vacuum pump to your specifications. Our certified technicians in our state-of-the-art workshop use the best materials, sophisticated welding techniques, and other fabrication techniques to create vacuum pumps and vacuum pump housings for vacuum pump repair and build in Northeast.

Preventive Maintenance

Damage to the fuel pump can develop over time as seals degrade, the motor wears out, or vibrations damage the motor casing itself. Any of these problems could result in the sudden failure of the vacuum pump while it is in operation. This could result in a failure to fill the truck properly, increase fire risk, and present other serious safety hazards.

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